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Aaron De Wit

Aaron De Wit Logo

A personal vision

The personal identity for the founder and director of Warp Brands.

Our founder and director, Aaron De Wit, is also an artist, illustrator and sometimes blogger in his spare time. He required an identity for his personal and commissioned work distinct from Warp Brands. The requirements were to develop a flexible identity and a logo that could be utilized as both as a brand for business use and as an authentication mark in prints and artworks.

Aaron De Wit Business Cards Aaron De Wit Brand Colour Palette Aaron De Wit Branded Items

An eye for design

Any great identity design reinforces the unique values of the brand, and when it comes to designing an identity for an individual, one of the most unique features is the eye – which also happens to be representative of the entire visual medium. The eye is therefore the primary inspiration for the identity's overall aesthetic – from the basic palette, the overlaid colours and imagery, and the stacked geometry.

Aaron De Wit Letterhead Folded Aaron De Wit Letterhead Unfolded Aaron De Wit Letterhead Front and Back Aaron De Wit Branded Poster Tube

The logo was developed as a modern form of a monogram – made up from the client's initials AdW, with a lowercase d for the non-anglicised form of the surname. The monogram is stylised in an italicised script for a signature-like effect that strengthens the personal connection and its use as an authentication mark.

Aaron De Wit Logo Anatomy Element breakdown of the Aaron De Wit Logo Collection of Aaron De Wit Branded Stationery Aaron De Wit Branded Air Tank for use with Copic Airbrush System Close up of the Air Tank Pressure Gauge Aaron De Wit Branded Copic Airgrip Airbrushing Tool Aaron De Wit Branded Items