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The road less travelled

We helped the ambitious young brand Achtung Camper craft their identity as they introduce some much needed style and personal appeal to the tired Australian campervan industry.

A new direction.

Despite constant growth over the last few decades, the Australian campervan industry is looking surprisingly tired, with a lack of varied, modern options for any discerning customer. Achtung Camper has set out to change things, combining their talent for quality engineering with a keen eye for style, and the results are breathtaking; designer campervans unlike anything else on the market.

With years of experience working on some of best high-end designer construction and installations in Melbourne, Sydney and Germany, the Achtung Camper team partnered with Warp Brands to help them enter the campervan market with a bold identity that conveyed their well-earned authority and confidence while inviting customers to experience a truly innovative product.

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Now we're getting somewhere.

Ronny and Tania, the talent behind of Achtung Camper, share Warp Brands’ collaborative spirit and focus on delivering the customer quality results. Together, we set out on a journey of discovery, forming an understanding of what people’s real expectations are when travelling in a modern world of diverse tastes and individual needs.

We developed a brand that embodies the desire not only to escape from the demands of daily life, but to do so in comfort and style that appeals to individual tastes. It invites each customer to think about what they would really like from their travel experience, and offers a chance to begin building that experience in their own way.

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The identity is built on a foundation of visual cues that relate to a typical travel experience. The logotype references the shape and layout of a license plate, and the brand typeface, DIN 1451, perfectly encapsulates the dual brand values of travel and German heritage with its historical use for signs on the Autobahn.

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