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Warping Perceptions

All change starts within – before we could start helping others shape their identities, we needed to define our own.

Doing things our way.

Living in a world of consumerism can be tiring. Countless brands clamouring for attention while shouting half-truths and using misleading tricks to sell you products you don't want or need. For a consumer, it can be hard to find what you really want. For a brand that is sincerely passionate about what they do, it can be hard to be heard over the noise, and to earn trust from rightfully wary customers. After years of experience working for other studios that just added to the noise, we decided to found Warp Brands on the principle that design can be used as a positive force; that identities are a tool for communication, not manipulation; that a brand can be honest, ethical AND successful. We believe that by working collaboratively with passionate clients, being open with information, and by simplifying the process, we can create much stronger brands. Our identity's goal: to represent these values while showcasing our skill.

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Defining our own identity.

Our name refers to our tendency to challenge the norm. It also refers the way communicating effectively can change expectations. The logo mark design combines the brand initial W with an alternate interpretation of the name – a space-time vortex – while also keeping with the themes of the aesthetic of the overall identity. Our bold stance and focus on simplicity are represented by a stark but limited color palette and sharp simple geometry. The contrasting palette also represents the choice in projected values that branding offers.

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