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Keeping it real

Wooji approached Warp Brands for help building an identity for a new kind of real estate listing service.

Building toward change

In an industry dominated by a few major players, Wooji’s founder believed that Australia would benefit from a new real estate marketing service founded on the principals of collaboration and community spirit, and began building that dream. A primarily web based service, Wooji had two major goals: to collaborate with the real estate agencies to create a platform that not only met their needs but exceeded their expectations; and to create a friendly, modern real estate listing service that made it easy for buyers to find exactly what they were looking for.

Wooji Logo Wooji Office Desk and Website Wooji Branding on Phone Screen

Setting the foundations

The identity for the Wooji brand would be utilized most prominently in the website central to its operation. In line with their focus on simplicity, Wooji was developing a similar user experience to the various social media platforms that were already a part of users daily lives, ensuring their comfortable transition to using the new service. This strategy informed the development of the identity, looking to achieve a comfortable middle ground between existing platforms and a unique new service through the use of familiar color palette and overall aesthetic.

Wooji Logo Design Breakdown Wooji Logo Sketches Wooji Business Cards

Buying a home can be one of the most important events in a person’s life, and being an integral part of that process, Wooji’s identity set out to reinforce that personal connection and a friendly approach through graphic elements such as the soft colour palette, a modular grid, and the hand script style of the logotype. The ligatures of the o characters subtly hint at eyes looking toward the roof graphic, representing the search for a new home.

Wooji Real Estate Sign